The Pretty Woman Wow Factor

I’m guessing many of you read the above title and thought a) I was joking or b) I’ve gone off my rocker. Neither is the case. Today we’re focusing on what we can all learn from the escort system.

As many of you may remember from seeing Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts did not arrive at Richard Gere’s door and begin speaking about her other clients. In fact, the producers of the movie went to great lengths to present her as a hooker with a heart of gold—after all, how many of us are so concerned about appearing bright, shiny and new that we travel with our own dental floss on dates?

But I digress: this post is not about dental hygiene. Instead, I want to talk about the wisdom inherent in not talking to one client about another—not saying how busy your other clients are keeping you, how irritating you may find them, how happy you are to have completed their project.

I mean, who wants an escort who shows up and says, “I’m SO sorry I’m late—my last appointment took forever.”

So as you move through your hectic holiday season- a time when many of your clients are likely wanting 110% of your attention, while giving you 50% of their own— don’t forget the importance of being a good escort. As far as they are concerned, each client with whom you deal should feel like they are the only one in your life.


2 responses to “The Pretty Woman Wow Factor

  1. Thank you for nice insightful and fun article. Happy Holidays!

  2. Frances- Truly most folks do this to impress. and I fiind it extremely off-putting. My read is “Great, he has clients.” “OOOooh, important clients!” “His clients LOVE him!”
    I’d prefer to be the judge of that myself once you complete your work for me. If you’re truly this impressive, I’ll quickly discover that on my own – no need for your press clippings.
    On a separate note – I utilized your 7%/38%/55% rule last week in a train the trainer course. You are brilliant.
    Happy Hoildays and Warm Regards,
    Beth Dockins

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