WOW! It’s a Store

Hello, hello:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Wow Store— a hand picked collection of items that I believe will help you present your best self in any situation.

For example, I mention in How to Wow that a blue shirt both photographs best, and is the color we trust the most, and now you can see – and perhaps buy– exactly what I mean; so whether you’re standing up in front of your boardroom, or tap dancing on a shag rug in traffic court, you’ll be sure to wow.

In The Wow Factor I talk about how you can actively create camaraderie in meetings by taking notes on what others are saying—and now I can show you my favorite notebook for the job.

I also mention that since your office is an extension of you, it really can’t look like the inside of a goat’s stomach; but since ideaphoric-types find this hard (because, for them, out of sight is out of mind) a very particular type of desk calendar is necessary to stay on track. And, voila, here it is.

(You may also discover that not only does the chargepod ensure you always arrive looking—and feeling—calm, cool, and collected, but its capabilities can forever endear you to others.)

I’ll be adding new items frequently, and would love to hear what you think I should be including.

Until then, happy browsing!


Visit the WOW Store >


2 responses to “WOW! It’s a Store

  1. Frances,

    Welcome to the OpenSky community. When we started OpenSky we wanted to bring relationships and trust back to commerce. I’m so happy you’re joining us on this mission.

    – john caplan, founder OpenSky

  2. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

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